About - DebiLynn Fendley

DebiLynn Fendley is a photographer, artist, and writer who works from the premise that art is a socially informed creation.  She works with cultural subgroups, alternative models, and pet owners to produce prints, paintings, drawings, photographs, written works, and sometimes video to foster a better understanding between herself and the subjects of her art.  She hopes to give visual representation to groups that are often underrepresented in art and in so doing change both her awareness and her audiences' awareness of the individuals within these cultures.  She admits that her work may be colored by her emerging discoveries about her subjects, but believes this is part of her own internal growth.  The time she spends getting to know her models is counted as a hefty portion of her art practice; the bonds she forges with them are a part of the magic of art and the art of life.  DebiLynn particularly welcomes work with animals of all breeds.  With her background in training and showing, she knows just how to pose and capture the personality of each of her animal subjects.  Her work has been exhibited around the nation, and she travels frequently to train with other artists and photographers whose work she admires.  When she is not working on artwork, she is producing work as a photojournalist and author.  She is open to all types of commission work, especially as a photographer. The premier website showcasing her artwork can be found at www.DebiLynnFendleyStudios.com.